Body Fat

Whichever method you choose to blast off excess body fat, the biggest factor is your diet and overall consistency. Without both of those components nailed down, your exercise routine won’t count for much when it comes to losing body fat!

Muscle building is good for your bones

Muscle building is good for your bones as well. Strong muscle fibers actually pull the bone when they contract, nudging bone cells into action to help reinforce the bones. Moreover, the stronger your muscles are, the more likely you are to keep your balance and reduce your risk of falling

Time under tension (TUT)

TUT focuses on muscle tension over a period of time, so the muscle will recognize the need to grow to accommodate the work being applied to it. Also, as more focus is placed on the exercise and movements are slowed down, it is more likely to use the correct form. Probably one of the most overlooked and important factors for muscle growth, strength and endurance is the correct form.​

Target all bodyparts

Be sure to include exercises that target all regions of the body from your arms and legs to your core and back when designing a resistance training program. Back-strengthening exercises can enhance posture and help sustain the spine

Training to failure

In weight training, training to failure is repeating an exercise to the point of momentary muscular failure, i.e. the point where the neuromuscular system can no longer produce adequate force to overcome a specific workload. So failure is the point at which whatever part of your body you're working out literally gives up and you physically can’t complete another repetition with good form.

Yoga - part of fitness routine

Yoga can be a very welcome part of fitness routine. It combines aspects of cardio, functional and strength training all in one.

Time under tension (TUT)

Time under tension (TUT) is a way of calculating the total amount of work you place on a muscle. It refers to the total time a muscle resists weight during each set. Regardless of your training goals, it’s important to vary your reps and TUT times within the range of your goal so you don’t get stuck in a rut.

Hanging on a bar

Most of the activities and movements involved in our day lifestyles compress our spine. Hanging on a bar for even a few seconds at a time is effective in decompressing the spine, posture correction, grip strength, shoulder joint range of motion, rotator cuff strengthening

Morning yoga

Morning yoga can help to build a healthy, consistent routine to your yoga practice. Having an established morning routine, encourages you to stick with it. Doing your practice first thing in the morning provides outstanding relief.

Can Meditation Make You Muscle Bigger?

Meditation can do more than just decrease your stress and improve the balance of your body. It can actually help you to build muscle! Meditation is about focusing on just one thing at a time. By focusing on just your current lift or squat, you will put more effort into each rep and lift more and push harder. And as the result your muscles will grow faster. All you need to do is meditate and focus on the muscle you are working!

How Long Should My Workout Be?

Latest study showed that it might be possible to gain muscle size just with one set of a workout, rather than the traditional three or more sets, if you are doing this set to failure. Apparently, if you're doing something the fitness pros call 'training to failure,' you might be able to exercise for a lot less time, like 15 to 20 min. So why should we spend hours in the gym?

Time under tension (TUT)

While reps, sets and rest periods are important variables in your workout, the total amount of time you actually spend doing each set of exercise can also be critical to achieving your goals for training. However, this time component was rarely taken into account when a weight training program was put together

Use TV commercial breaks

Use TV commercial breaks to your advantage. You can get up and do Burpees or Bodyweight workout before your television show resumes.

Do 5-minute workouts help?

Researchers are discovering that even exercise sessions as sort as a minute may help you keep fit and active. A study shows that all those little bits and pieces of exercise you do throughout the day can add up to something big.

Meditation And Muscle Growth

All you need to do is meditate and focus on the muscle you are working! Start by closing your eyes and focusing on breathing between each set. Breath in deep through your belly, slowly and purposefully, and exhale slowly. Focus and see the exercise and the muscle you are working on.